Saturday, September 5, 2009

Major sniper issues

Well some of you may know this but alot might not, when you put 200k troops into the world map some one can snice all of them out with just 1 click thats all 1 click and 20 turns your droped.

Sure yes its apart of the game and i know "just snipe them back or attack them"
That is easy to think of any newb knows that. But whats the point of sniping some one back if they can then zero you?

Say your 40mil nw with 200k troops, you put them all in the world map and some one with 1.2mil recruits and 200mil nw comes on over and snipes all your troops out with one click. First reaction go back see who it was, second check their nw see if they are in range. Now after that is done you have 2 choices snipe them back if they are out of range or mass them if they are in range. So if you are going to snipe them and they have recon's well that idea is bust because they get a attack log of who did it and the get vengence, what use is that risk of getting zeroed? This seems to be only fair for the supporters (players that pay to play)

Changes?? yes there could be changes made to try out and see if it works better.

1. Fix the ratio on how many recruits get killed (and yes i have tried the get battle field recruits they are strong, mmm no they are not i had 200k in there one time and they all got sniped out in one hit anyway)

2. Want to keep it at 200k in one hit?? Well simple pretty much remove the recons taht way its just as even for a free player they can now snipe the supporter that sniped all of their troops without being zeroed unfairly. It would be an even blance where a free can take action himself instead of being a useless tit.

you have a suggestion? post a comment

Sunday, August 16, 2009

found Atlantis

thats right everyone, for each round everyday Atlantis rotates its appearance.
Huge rewards for the people who find it. keep your eye pealed and your mouse on wonder looking for that hidden lost city of Atlantis. Good luck to you all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

company war?

We see all these games where when you join a crew you feel that your going to be fighting as a crew, but most times what happens is some random person drops their nw to mass you and then jumps back up or theres other people in your range they could mass and these people seem to never get massed then you find out who blows who to get what.

Anyway this post is to suggest that maybe we could try a round where a single person can't mass a single person unless both players are without a company. So a player with no company can only attack other players with no company and players in companies can only attack companies and not jus tsingle people in the company but every ones power in the company vs the other companies total power.

What crew is truly the stongest.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

World Map rewards

Hey every one we just came across this, there have been changes have made to the World Map. There is now other countries with generous rewards so there isn't just 1 country clogged all the time.
Also Australlia rewards have also been increased. For those that are not aware, Australlia is a challenge free country.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fearless Battle Server notice

Just want to share with you all the the server change that was supposed to happen at the end of round 4 has been changed. They originally wanted to do the server change and updates at the end of round 4 but plans have been moved to the end of round 5 and might even be postpond to the end of round 6. The down time at the end of round 4 will be at most 20 minutes while they impliment the codes for the skill round.

Congrats all winners of round 4, and best of luck to every one in round 5.